A few weeks after a Prophet predicted the death of former Zambia’s elder statesman, Kenneth Kaunda, another man of God has predicted the death of a Zambian minister.

Omegaprophet Bright from Nakode with his accuracy in his prophecy says, “I heard with my spiritual ears…That a Zambian minister is dying around 22:15hours. May God have mercy over our country” Tumfweko.com quoted him as saying.

He didn’t mention the name of the minister.

Less than three weeks ago, a similar prophecy was made by a 34-Year-old pastor, Copperbelt Kitwe, who predicted the death of former Zambia head of state Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

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The Church leader of Jesus Healing Disciples of Kitwe in Wusakile stated that “just like his former colleagues/friends Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe both former leaders died at the age of 95” so is Kaunda who is already 95 has only a few days left before the end of this year.

              Prophet Copperbelt Kitwe

Mr Mubanga claimed the former head of states Mr Mandela, Mugabe and Kaunda knew exactly when their time is up.



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