This story will break your heart!!!

”Dear Stella, please kindly help us share our story on your blog as Umuaka/Owerri police are making frantic move to cover the murder of our dear brother…….
On the 1st of December 2019,mr Osita Duru (26year old) in the company of his younger two younger brothers had gone to withdraw money at the UBA cash point beside Umuakah police station.
There was an altercation between Osita (deceased) and another customer on queue who was trying to bully one of his younger brothers, this warranted the bank security to invite police officers from the station. Upon their arrival, the other guy ran away and one of the officer held Osita, hitting him repeatedly with the stock of his riffle while dragging him towards the station.
Every plea and explanation made by Osita during this process fell on deaf ear as the officer was determined to make arrest without knowing or asking what had happened.
When he succeed to drag him outside the gate, he pointed his rifle towards Osita’s head and said “I go shoot you and nothing go happen”, Eventually he lost grip of Osita who ran back into the bank and the police officer ( inspector Kelechi Chikwe from uguta) fired two shots at him from behind.
The other two brothers were harassed, battered and handcuff until the community youth intervened while Osita was taken to federal medical center owerri were he gave up the ghost…

His mum and you younger brother were at the police station today but the inspector handling the matter asked them to bring 100,000 naira for investigation. Stella our hearts are broken, this woman lost her older son on the 7th of April this year, now this one happened again…..”

This is sooooo sad .


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